As a leading distributor of classic and silent film, we work with leading archives from around the world, including the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Academy Film Archive, Netherlands Filmmuseum, and the Cineteca di Bologna. Over the last decade, Flicker Alley has produced and published some of the most acclaimed and definitive restorations of rare and important silent film works.

Instructors will now be able to make classic silent films like Georges Melies’ A Trip to the Moon, Charlie Chaplin’s seminal Keystone and Mutual comedies, Abel Gance’s anti-war masterpiece J’Accuse, Douglas Fairbanks‘ “Modern Everyman” comedies (such as Wild and Woolly), and dozens of others seminal films available to their students whenever they need to see them.

For more information, please contact:

Jon Gartenberg
Gartenberg Media Enterprises
143 West 96th Street, Suite 7B
New York, New York 10025

Public Performance Rights

North American institutional sales include physical blu-ray and/or DVD copies of silent films with Public Performance Rights (PPR) in a classroom setting for non-profit institutions. Films purchased without Public Performance Rights are restricted for individual viewing or face-to-face teaching in the classroom only.

For more information, please e-mail

Streaming Rights

Flicker Alley offers most of the classic and silent films in our collection for direct, on-campus streaming for academic use. North American Digital Site Licenses are now available which allow institutions to encode, locally host and stream at their colleges, universities or libraries. An institutional physical copy (as needed) is also included in the sale.

US and Canadian institutions purchasing Blu-rays and DVDs at institutional prices may also acquire a Digital Site License in addition to public performance rights. The public performance license allows on-site screening only. The majority of our titles can be sold with lifetime streaming rights, though some are limited to 5-10 years. The license grants the purchasing institution the right to stream over a single secure server with a password-protected connection. Streaming access must be strictly limited to currently enrolled students and active faculty and staff with the school or organization. Streaming rights extensions can be negotiated with Flicker Alley after the term has lapsed. Flicker Alley retains the right to terminate this agreement at any time. No broadcast, Internet or other rights are granted or implied.

Digital Site Licenses are available. If you would like more information, please e-mail us at

Open Film Screenings

If you intend to charge admission or publicly advertise a screening of one of our silent film titles, please contact us at to work out a reasonable public performance/screening fee.

US and Canadian Educational institutions who wish to use Blu-rays, DVDs or DVD-Rs for open screenings need to purchase a screening license. Any continuous screenings within a museum exhibition must be licensed separately through Flicker Alley.

An open screening is defined as any screening, profit or non-profit — whether or not admission is charged — where the screening is open to the public or to individuals not enrolled in the specific class or course.

Exhibitors and institutions who wish to screen a silent film Blu-ray or DVD they already own in an open showing, must purchase a public performance license directly from Flicker Alley. Please contact us at